Ichiban Asian AYCE is a crowd-pleasing restaurant that combines innovative dishes and traditional Eastern tastes for a dynamic culinary experience.

Our progressive approach to dining not only elevates us above the competition, but gives us the insight to serve you better.

Our top-ranked chefs employ Michelin fine cooking techniques in order to bring luxurious tastes to stimulate your palate.

Our premium ingredients and personable service combine to make a premium in-store dining experience.

We are proud to be the only Asian AYCE restaurant in Toronto to offer molecular cuisine.

Our full range of Asian-Pacific cuisine is complemented by our openness to Western and fusion cooking techniques. Our mission is to transcend the limitations that confine the traditional AYCE restaurant in order to serve our customers better.

With over 30 years of experience, our veteran staff is headed by a professional culinary school graduate that had once been part of the cooking team serving the current chairman of China. We are passionate about food culture, and want to share innovative foods with our customers.

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What is

Molecular cuisine is a type of cooking that focuses on changing the physical and chemical properties of food. As the name implies, it transforms food at a molecular level that results in new textures and tastes.

Our chefs employ highly-advanced Michelin fine dining techniques to bring you these exclusive dishes. Specialized tools are used in processes that take hours to complete.

The result is a new kind of food that stimulates and challenges diners in new and unfamiliar ways, making for an exciting and thrilling dining experience.